My name is Eric James and I am not like everyone else. There are many people who claim they can inspire the youth, but, in the end, they just know how to put on a good show. They are well rehearsed, but their passion is monetary. They get paid for an hour; they give you an hour… nothing more. Apparently, to them, the youth of today is worth the very bare minimum.

For me this isn’t just a way to make a paycheck, it’s my passion.

·   To inspire and reinflate the deflated is a reward I can’t begin to describe.

·   There is so much more that I do than just speak. I have created and developed a curriculum based workbook    that is aligned to US National Education standards, including over 50 hours of community service.

·   What gives me the credibility to create a curriculum? I was once a Superintendant and school Principal, and      know how the educational system operates and what teaching methods are most effective.

Unlike other speakers, I do not come for just the bare minimum. I will work with a small identified group of eight to twelve students for the day and end my time with a sixty minute school wide assembly. My energy is contagious; my passion is palpable. I am a man of great emotion, who has a gift to help the hopeless. I will take your struggling youth and open their eyes to a world much more beautiful than they’ve been shown so far. To put it simply, I will give them hope.

Is there anything more powerful than hope?


"Came across this website luckily, and simply felt an urge to let you know that Eric is amazing!!! We've spent a whole lot of time experiencing with numerous speakers, and Eric James saved us plenty of complications. He'€™s a great motivator. Highly recommended."€ ---Nick