Never Give Up 

Eric has created a high energy assembly program that is curriculum based, aligns to state and national standards, combined with passionate - heartfelt, head banging music and still relates and connects to the youth of today is the vision of the design.  This type of prevention program will mesh with the efforts that educational leaders have already put into place in order to reach youth in a comprehensive way!


“Your willingness to share your experience, message and expertise with our attendees helped to make this another successful and effective conference.” – Patti

Eric's sophmore EP 'Never Gives Up' tells a different tale. This message comes with optimism and the wil to fight to stay positive on his path to change. This is the soundtrack of Eric's journey to distance himself from his past and other negative influences. This high powered 60 minute assembly is a great way to help students stay focused on their goals and dreams and to never, never give up. 

“His dynamic and engaging presentation skills will light up any audience but even more importantly, his message always has a positive and lasting effect!” – Parent Volunteer

Peace of Mind  

Eric's Junior EP 'Peace of Mind' is sure to put a smile on anyones face. This assembly is 60 minutes of life transforming music that motivates students to face there obstacles, problems, and other negative influences head on! No more stress or thoughts of giving up. It's time to deal with the problem and move on! Let's do it! 

A Youth Motivational Assembly You Wont Want To Miss!

“He inspires others through telling his own life story of triumph over tragedy. Eric urges his audiences to live life to its fullest and illustrates how to overcome some of the common and not-so-common struggles facing today’s youth.” – Ida 

Music's My Life is the sound track to Eric's beginnings. If your students need an 'in your face, real world example' of what the streets are truly like... this is the assembly for you! Music's My Life is a powerful 60 minute soundtrack of a young boy growing up in the inner city with an expectation to be dead by the age of 16. Eric, forges his own path using his love of music as reasons to live rather than reasons to die.

Music's My Life

Eric's C.H.O.I.C.E.™ program offers participants a roadmap for improvement and growth that leads them to a lifetime of enhanced self-esteem. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, to become familiarized with good character traits, to emulate positive role models and to become good citizens with high moral values. This systemic approach uncovers buried potential and provides students with the determination to cease being a product of their circumstances and instead become a product of C.H.O.I.C.E.™

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